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A Day In The Life Of The Who
November 12, 1966
Chris Morphet
- musician, photographer and friend of Pete Townshend:

"I did take photos at the
I'm a Boy video session at the Chelsea Barracks on the Kings Road in 1966.   My memory and recall tends to be rather selective, but I was there at the time."
Tony Gale
- Pictorial Press:

"In fact I did the shoot
that day on the Who,
so we have quite a bit of material in colour and black and white."
Andy Neill
- writer:

"The actual date was 12 November 1966.  I'm A Boy was one of about five songs the band performed live that morning.  It wasn't actually a video shoot as such.  It was arranged by NBC (US TV) for the morning magazine programme "Today" and shown on that channel three days later.  Unfortunately, the original two inch videotape appears to have been wiped.  I've checked with NBC and they no longer hold it.  Unless it's languishing in a private video vault somewhere, I'd say it no longer exists.  When I was researching the images for the book, I saw many black & white and colour shots from this session, notably at Pictorial Press.  I'm A Boy was about to become the Who's new single in the States so hence, it would have been a natural contender for the show. Of the others, likewise, it's only speculation, but I'm sure Substitute, So Sad About Us, My Generation and one other would have been played.  They may actually not have played that many but I'm basing this on an advance article that appeared in the English music paper "Melody Maker" a week before the event occured.  This explains why there were a lot of photographers there that morning as they'd been tipped off about it.  As for live or miming, the Who played LIVE and LOUD!!!. The residents of Chelsea that morning could hear the band for 'miles and miles and miles'!!"
In the mid-sixties
the Who were at
the peak of their early fame in the
U. K. and Europe.

Within a year they would crack the
U. S. market and
become more of
a world class act.
Maximum Who 
The Who in the Sixties

Compiled by Ross Halfin
Featuring rare and never-before-seen
photographs by: Tony Gale, Colin Jones,
Chris Morphet, Dominique Tarlé,
David Wedgebury and Baron Wolman.
Published by Genesis: